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Since our inception, we've offered a range of specific tiers suited to our customers' tastes and price requirements. Our Classic range represents non-System pipes crafted for the Everyman, unique and timeless designs that capture our House Style and quality craftsmanship at a price any smoker can enjoy. Rather than relegating production to one or two lines, we offer a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes among these entry-level series, including traditional navy mounts (flush-fitting stems), P-Lip mouthpieces, and army mounts.

Aran Rusticated Aran Rusticated Aran Smooth Aran Smooth Aran Smooth Nickel Mounted Aran Smooth Nickel Mounted Arklow Sandblasted Arklow Sandblasted Army Filter Heritage Army Filter Heritage Army Filter Sandblasted Army Filter Sandblasted Derry Rusticated Derry Rusticated Donegal Rocky Donegal Rocky Dracula Sandblasted Dracula Sandblasted Dracula Smooth Dracula Smooth Dublin Filter Rusticated Dublin Filter Rusticated Dublin Filter Smooth Dublin Filter Smooth Emerald Rusticated Emerald Rusticated Irish Made Army Acrylic Irish Made Army Acrylic Jekyll & Hyde Jekyll & Hyde Killarney Ebony Killarney Ebony Killarney Red Killarney Red Tyrone Tyrone
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