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Premium Classic

Created with more experienced smokers and collectors in mind, our Premium Classic range elevates our Classic lines with the inclusion of bright, sterling silver fitments, shaped and applied by the hands of our most experienced silversmiths. Having undergone traditional five-to-eight-year apprenticeships under a senior craftsman, our smiths are among the most talented in the world, each having engineered his own mandrel to the extent that each metal fitment is imprinted with the subtle, personal style of the one who machined it.

Ashford Ashford Cara Sandblasted Cara Sandblasted Cara Smooth Cara Smooth Flame Grain Flame Grain Irish Harp Irish Harp Irish Harp Sandblasted Irish Harp Sandblasted Kildare Silver Mounted Kildare Silver Mounted Rosslare Classic Rusticated Rosslare Classic Rusticated Short Rusticated Short Rusticated Short Smooth Short Smooth Silver Mounted Army Silver Mounted Army
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