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Federica Bruno

Customer Service Representative

Federica Bruno
Federica Bruno was born in Venosa, in the Basilicata region of southern Italy. Her studies in linguistics and translations took her to university in Pisa and ultimately to a position working as a translator here in Dublin. We were immediately impressed by her literary flare and love of language.

An avid reader, it’s rare to see Federica without a book in her hand. Her best-loved novel is Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, which she particularly enjoys reading in her favourite Dublin locale, St. Stephen’s Green. (Did we mention that we’re also impressed by her sense of irony?) When not actually engrossed in literature, she devotes herself to looking for her next book in one of Dublin’s many vintage bookshops or to searching for a comfortable spot to read. Federica is skilled in her native cuisine and particularly enjoys preparing pasta and risotto. A connoisseur of jellies, pastries, and treats, her other hobbies include exploring Dublin’s pub scene and getting ready for Christmas (it is never, apparently, too early).

Federica has taken naturally to pipes and pipe smoking, so here at the office you’ll find her close to the pipes: inspecting them for customers, writing about them, and, of course, reading about them.
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