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Chana O'Neill

Merchandising and Update Specialist

Chana O'Neill
A native of Sydney, Australia, Chana spent a decade in public relations, event management, and marketing. In 2015, she made the trek from Australia to join her husband, Adam, in the US. She came to work for Laudisi a year later. After working as a Shipping and Receiving Associate, Chana moved to the Smokingpipes Merchandising department where she inspected, weighed, and measured thousands of pipes. During a two and a half year stint with Laudisi in the US, Chana developed a deep understanding of Smokingpipes policies and procedures. She was, therefore, a rather natural choice as we began assembling staff for Smokingpipes Europe.

Outside the office, you’ll find Chana playing with her Staffordshire Terrier, Lucy, searching Dublin for the perfect bowl of Bun bo Hue and pint of Bulmer’s, or at home assembling an impressive cheese platter for movie night. Warm and gregarious by nature, Chana is also the Smokingpipes Europe den mother.

In the office, Chana is our point person for Merchandising, which means that she keeps pipes and accessories rolling into the office and ensures that they meet our high standards for quality. She also helps choose pipes and accessories for our updates and guarantees they make it to the website with all of the information customers have come to expect. Her wide skill set means she’s just as likely to be found pitching in with shipping and marketing as watching over our pipes and their updates.
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