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This rechargeable torch is a technological sensation. It produces up to 1500 lumens* in lighting performance which is controlled by our micro-controller-operated Smart Light Technology. This means you have a total of eight lighting functions and three lighting programmes available. Depending on your area of application simply select the right programme with the right functions.

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In addition to this you can decide whether you want to operate the torch in regulated power mode or not. You have to have used this torch in order to describe it properly. Seven ultra bright LED chips can be focused via seven individual lenses and project an amazingly homogenous and sharply defined circle of light. Particularly when setting the focus the torch creates a blazingly bright beam of light which outshines even car headlights. Due to its charging method, the X21R is not only environmentally friendly but also particularly cheap to run.

Item No. 8421-R LED LENSER® X21R


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